Native 15Pro iOS Theme for Xiaomi and Redmi Phones with Minimal Charging Animation

Native 15Pro iOS Theme for Xiaomi and Redmi Phones

Native 15Pro iOS Theme for MIUI is one of the best themes with pre-customized features. It’s among the Best Xiaomi Themes featuring the Apple iPhone OS experience for your Xiaomi MIUI Phones. Here, you will get the pre-customized feature and app icons that look amazing and impressive. Here we can find the Beautiful Minimal Charging Animation that looks pretty awesome and gives the best iOS Experience. So, here’s more about the Native 15Pro iOS MIUI Themes for MIUI & HyperOS.

Want to give the iOS Experience to your Xiaomi Phones? If yes, you can try this Native 15Pro iPhone Theme for MIUI. This iOS Theme comes with cool and amazing customizable features. With many changes over the lock screen and home screen with the cool widgets.

Native 15Pro iOS iPhone Theme for Xiaomi Phones for MIUI & HyperOS

Native 15Pro iOS Theme is a cool and amazing iPhone Theme I got for your Xiaomi Phones. This is because this iOS Theme comes with unwanted customized features with the changes in the lock and home screen. Yes, here you can enjoy a lot of customization with the pre-customized features that give a decent and premium iOS Experience even in your Redmi and POCO phone.

Here also, we have noticed a wide range of changes in the UI. Focusing on the attractive design, we also love its global iPhone App icon. So, we can say it’s one of Xiaomi’s attractive and pre-customized themes. Here, you will get a lot of pre-customized options and features to give an attractive and premium look with just a single step. 

Native 15Pro iOS iPhone Theme for Xiaomi Phones

This Native 15Pro Xiaomi Theme comes with a lot of customizable features. Here, we can find a lot of changes to the Theme so you can get a revamped and better iOS Experience on your Xiaomi Phones—also, the phone features an amazing Lockscreen, which is awesome.

Besides, in this theme, we can notice a wide range of changes in the UI. After installing this Apple iPhone Theme for MIUI, you will see the changes over the Phone UI first. Also, the App widgets are more customizable with the latest update of this iOS Theme for MIUI.

Besides, the app widgets are more to your phones. You will get more App widgets to add to your phone’s Home screen compared to your pre-installed or default Xiaomi Themes. Also, based on this particular iOS Theme you will get the changes over the user experience.

Additionally, I loved the changes seen in the overall system of the phone. Noticeably, the Minor Color and effect changes over the Control centre and status bar are awesome. Also, the changes in text fonts and status bar icons like Network, Time, and Battery are unique and look different from the Official MIUI.

Overall, it’s one of the Best MIUI Themes for your Xiaomi and HyperOS Theme, featuring beautiful animation and design. In every spec, it’s one of the better and pre-customized themes you can try in your Xiaomi MIUI and HyperOS Phones.

Native 15Pro iOS MIUI Theme Details

Native 15Pro iOS iPhone Theme for Xiaomi MIUI is remarkably the Best Theme I got for the MIUI. Compared to other iPhone themes for Xiaomi, it’s more customizable and features more to do with the light in Theme Size. Also, the lock screen features are even more than you require for customization. Here are more details regarding the Native 15Pro iPhone Themes for Xiaomi.

Theme NameNative 15Pro iOS
Theme Size7.8 MB
Designed byShichuanghulian
Supported onMIUI 12, 12.5, 13, & 14

Native 15Pro iOS MIUI Theme Download Link

After getting these cool features here, you will love it. So, if you are considering downloading this Beautiful iPhone Theme for MIUI, you can download it from the link below. To explore the Custom experience in your Xiaomi phone with this fantastic theme, try it.

How to Apply MIUI Themes (Global ROM)

If your Xiaomi Phone runs on the MIUI Global Version, then you can follow these simple steps to Download and Apply the MIUI Theme from the Theme Store Link,

  • Tap on the Official Store Link from any MIUI Theme link.
  • It will show the different options or apps to open the link, so tap on the Themes (Theme Store) there,
  • Now, it will open this theme in your Theme Store.
  • After that, tap on the Download. After the successful Download, tap on Apply.

How to Apply MIUI Themes (Custom or Non-Global ROM)

If your Xiaomi Phone runs on custom or country-based ROM (Like MIUI India) or you have installed the custom ROM in your phone, then you can go for this process. Here’s how to apply,

  • Download the MIUI Theme in the MTZ File (MTZ File Link),
  • After that, go to the Themes App on your Xiaomi Phone,
  • Now, from the Themes, tap on the Import option,
  • Select the theme that you have downloaded in MTZ File format from the File Manager,
  • Wait until the theme gets Imported,
  • At last, tap on Apply.

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