LowUI Theme for MIUI & HyperOS with customizable Lockscreen

LowUI Theme for MIUI & HyperOS

LowUI is a premium Minimal Dark Theme for MIUI & HyperOS devices. It’s a complete MTZ Theme featuring many customization options compared to the themes in the Themes Store Xiaomi. It’s an Minimal Dark Theme made for Xiaomi phones featuring a lot of Minimal Dark experience, including the App Icons, Clock widget, Home and Locscreen. So, here’s LowUI Minimal Dark Theme for HyperOS & MIUI.

MTZ Themes are the alternative themes made for the Xiaomi Phones. Compared to the other MIUI & HyperOS Themes, these themes are unavailable in the MI Themes Store. Here you need to download it from the third-party server or website. Also, there’s quite a mind-consuming process to install and apply these themes. But besides these, the prime reason to choose the MTZ Themes is customization.

Compared to Themes Available in the Themes Store, these themes are ahead in terms of customization. Here you will get more pre-customized/able features on these thems. Yes, there are huge customization features which can give a totally different experience based on the Themes you are using.

[MTZ] LowUI Minimal Dark Theme for HyperOS & MIUI with Pixel-Inspired Lockscreen

lowui mtz themes download

LowUI is a Minimal Dark Theme for your Xiaomi Phones. It’s one of the beautiful MIUI Themes featuring a lot of customized/able options. Here, we can find many options to make changes over the default theme and give a decent Minimal Dark-inspired experience.

With the Minimal Dark-based experience here, you can notice the changes over all features. It’s possible due to the custom theme, due to different reasons, the Themes Available on the Themes Store are not allowed to give a completely different experience. So, out of this, you will experience a diverse and amazing experience here.

First, here we can find the beautiful Minimal Dark-style lock screen. Here the lock screen features beautiful clock widgets, including attractive app icons on the Home screen. Here, the app icons are truly based on the Minimal Dark. Likewise, the lock screen also features the Flashlight and Camera shortcuts.

For more, LowUI Minimal Dark Theme has the beautiful Pixel Inspired Lockscreen. Here the Clock widget placed on the Lockscreen is inspired from the Pixel Phones, which looks impressive. As more, here, we can find a lot of customizable app widgets for the Home and Lockscreen. Furthermore, it also features the beautiful Clock widget for the lock screen. All the system UI is changed and inspired by the Minimal Dark UI.

Theme NameLowUI
Theme Size6.6MB
Designed byBìhǎi chénguāng
Compatible withMIUI & HyperOS
RemarksBest for Minimal Dark Experience

How to Apply MTZ Themes in Custom MIUI ROMs

The easiest way to Import and apply the MTZ Themes [LowUI Minimal Dark Theme for HyperOS & MIUI] is from the Themes App. If you are using the custom ROM on Xiaomi phones, you can easily Import and Apply these themes. Here’s how,

  • First, Download MTZ Themes from our given link, which you like.
  • Open the Themes App on your Phone (MI Themes App).
  • Go to the My Account/Profile tab and then tap on the Themes,
  • Tap on Import options given to the down of the Themes Tab,
  • Now locate the Downloaded MTZ Themes in your phone’s storage location,
  • Tap on Tick to Done, and then it starts importing.
  • After importing, tap on Apply; here you got it.

How to Apply MTZ Themes in HyperOS & MIUI with MTZ Tester {Temporary Method}

Another method to install the MTZ Themes in HyperOS & MIUI is using the MTZ Tester App. With this app’s help, you can Install the MTZ Themes easily in just 3-4 taps/click. But the thing is that it’s for a certain time only. Just try this how it looks.

  • Download and Open the MTZ Tester App on your phone from Playstore.
  • Tap on the Select & Apply tab there, 
  • Locate the MTZ Theme where you have downloaded it and then tap on it; it starts applying it,
  • After 108% of applying, just return to the Home screen; here you will see.

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