5 Best MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi Phones [iPhone Theme for MIUI/ HyperOS]

miui ios theme

iOS Themes are the best way to customize and give the iPhone experience to our Xiaomi phones. Whether you are an MIUI or HyperOS user, you can Import and Apply the Best MIUI iOS Themes as per your needs. We all love the iPhone and want to explore it, but it can’t be possible for other smartphone users to experience it on their phones. For this, the themes are the best way to explore the inspired experience of iOS Theme MIUI. We have mentioned some of the best iOS Themes for HyperOS & MIUI Devices.

iPhone Theme for MIUI & HyperOS features some iPhone-inspired features. Here, you can expect some changes in the system UI. Besides, you will also see some changes over the Home and Lock screen, including the app icon packs. Also, there are changes in the UI, clock widget wallpaper, etc.

5 Best MIUI iOS Themes for Xiaomi Phones

MIUI iOS Theme is the Theme made for Xiaomi phones. These themes are made to explore the iPhone-style UI in the Xiaomi phones. By applying such an iOS Theme, you will be able to see some changes in the features and functions of the phone. However, these themes need to take control over the internal features.

These themes can make minor changes to the control centre with some colour effects, custom clock designs, and wis. Also, Alsoapp icons are changed based on the themes you’re using. Besides these, there are no huge changes to your UI. But here, you will explore some iPhone-inspired features like an iPhone-style lock screen in these iOS Theme MIUI.

S24 Ultra iPhone Theme for MIUI

ios theme miui

S24 Ultra is the first Theme from the iOS Theme in our list. It’s a premium and beautiful iPhone Theme for Xiaomi phones featuring a lot of pre-customized options. Here, you will find the beautiful lock screen with the changes in the widgets and features. Therefore, changes are also seen in the clock widget, which is totally inspired by the iPhone iOS 16. 

For more, you will get the beautiful Minimal-inspired app icons here, which are not similar to the default iPhone App icons pack. Anyway, the app icons look good. Likewise, the Theme also features a beautiful analogue-style clock widget and another weather widget.

Overall, it’s beautiful and among the Best MIUI Themes based on the iPhone experience, which you can try. Likewise, it also features some changes over the control centre and other features.

iOSStarWorld v8.0 iOS Theme for HyperOS & MIUI

ios theme miui

iOSStarWorld is the topmost MIUI iPhone Theme. Compared to the different MIUI iOS themes, the iOSStarWorld series themes are impressive and feature a lot of pre-customization. It’s the 8th instalment of the series of the iPhone theme developed by the iOSStarWorld team. 

Here, we can find the attractive iPhone-style lock screen with the beautiful clock widget. Also, the changes are seen in the battery and other onscreen small widgets. This Theme also features the beautiful Flashlight icon on the screen’s left side.

This iOS Theme MIUI also features the charging animation, which blinks while plugged in charging. The Theme also features some changes in the system. For more, you can get the original iPhone-inspired app icons here, click here.


miui ios theme

Feel The Pain iOS Theme MIUI is based on the Minimal Dark Mode. This Theme features the dark mode effect with the iPhone experience. Like other iPhone themes for MIU, we can also find almost similar changes. Here, it features a beautiful lock screen inspired by the iPhone.

Moreover, changes are also seen on the home screen with the Beautiful App icons. Also, you can add this Theme’s beautiful clock and weather widgets to your Homescreen here. Likewise, you can see the changes over the control centre.

With this Theme, we can see many changes over the phone’s control centre; the changes look good, too. Likewise, you can also easily take control of the multimedia from the Lock screen.

AP Max iOS Theme MIUI with Dynamic Island

miui ios theme

AP Max is another beautiful iOS Theme for MIUI & HyperOS. Here, we can find the beautiful lock screen inspired by the iPhone. Also, the lock screen looks impressive with the beautiful clock widget. Also, it features a quick shortcut over the camera and the flashlight.

Likewise, the home screen of this Theme features beautiful minimal-based app icons. Also, the changes are seen over the control centre. Good point; here, you can add beautiful custom app widgets over the Home and Lockscreen. For more, the app icons are different from the pure iPhone app icons.

Likewise, the biggest plus of this HyperOS Theme is its Dynamic Island. This Theme features Dynamic Island, which looks impressive, too. Overall, it’s a good theme for HyperOS & MIUI.

KILL Black iOS Theme MIUi with Dark Mode

miui ios theme

KILL BLACK is a Dark Mode Theme based on the iPhone experience. It’s another beautiful MIUI Theme featuring the iPhone-inspired experience. Here, you can find the beautiful lock screen with the changes over the clock widget and the additional widgets on the lock screen.

Meanwhile, you can add the custom app widgets for the Home screen here. Also, the app icons are inspiring and look more natural than the original iPhone App icons. Similarly, the Homescreen features some dynamic changes with its beautiful Home Screen background.

Likewise, this theme also features some changes to the control centre and system. Overall, it’s another great iOS theme MIUI you can try.


MIUI iOS Theme looks pretty and gives the iPhone experience in your Xiaomi Phones. Applying these iOS Theme MIUI allows you to easily explore some iPhone experience on your phones. If you love the iPhone Theme in your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS, you can try these iOS Themes.

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