5 Best HyperOS Themes for Xiaomi Phones [Theme for HyperOS Experience]

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Whether you are an MIUI or a HyperOS user, we have provided you with some HyperOS-inspired themes for your phones. After the rollout of the HyperOS Updates, Xiaomi fans are eagerly waiting for the updates on their phones. Although Xiaomi has confirmed to roll out 

for around 147 devices, many will still miss these updates. While also, there’s a long-distance roadmap for the lower-end devices to get these updates. That’s why we have provided the Best HyperOS Themes for all Xiaomi users here, which you can Apply and experience in any Xiaomi phone [MIUI & HyperOS Both].

You are in the right place if you are searching for the best HyperOS themes. We have included the top and best Xiaomi HyperOS Themes for all Xiaomi Phones. These Themes for the HyperOS experience are based on the features of HyperOS. With these themes, you can get some inspired features of HyperOS, but it doesn’t make your phone HyperOS.

5 Best HyperOS Themes for Xiaomi Phones: Try These Best Themes for HyperOS Experience

HyperOS features some remarkable changes over the SystemUI. Although there are not massive changes in the SystemUI, we can notice some significant changes and features. Among the themes of the Lockscreen customization are the Prime features and changes on the HyperOS over MIUI. Besides, the Control Centre is now totally new, and it is easy to get quick access to the shortcuts activities. 

Besides, optimizing performance makes it one of Xiaomi’s actual upgrades over the MIUI. ReturningHere, we have mentioned the Best Themes for HyperOS Style Lockscreen & other features in your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS Phones.

Simley HyperOS Theme with HyperOS Style Lockscreen

theme for hyperos

Simley Theme for HyperOS is based on the Default HyperOS Lockscreen. The new HyperOS Features a lot of customization over the Lockscreen, which adds more options for the users to take control of the Lockscreen. With this theme, the users will get a decent HyperOS-style Big Clock widget-style lock screen.

We can notice the changes over the other options in the Lockscreen, like its date widget. On the Home screen, you will find impressive and dynamic app icons, which are really amazing. Also, you can add the custom App widgets on the Home screen. With these all here, you can also see some changes in the system of your phones.

HyperMAX Best HyperOS Themes

best themes for hyperos

HyperMAX is another best theme for HyperOS. Like the Simley Theme here, too, you will get a lot of pre-customized features. Inspired by the HyperOS Lockscreen, you will get an attractive Lockscreen with custom theme features. It comes with the beautiful Lockscreen of the HyperOS.

Here, you can customize the Lock screen of this theme by changing its color and widgets. Also, on the Home screen, you will get decent App icons. For more, it also has some Minimal changes over the SystemUI and control center.

HyperCN Theme for HyperOS Lockscreen Style

xiaomi hyperos themes
theme for hyperos

HyperCN is the 3rd recommendation from our list of Best HyperOS Themes. Like another theme for HyperOS, it also follows similar features. Like others, you will also get impressive HyperOS Inspired Lockscreen widgets. 

Moreover, it also features attractive app icons on the home screen. The Homescreen of this Theme is quite impressive, with a default White color screen background. Moreover, the app icons are entirely optimized in this theme. Minimal changes are also seen in the control center and status bar icons.

HyperDepth HyperOS Theme

best themes for hyperos

HyperDepth Theme features the inspired Lockscreen animation, similar to the default HyperOS Lockscreen. The HyperOS features a lot of lock screen faces for their users. Among them, this theme follows the one face/style of Lockscreen, which is attractive. This Theme for HyperOS comes with a beautiful clock widget.

Also, it has an attractive Home screen with minimal changes over the App icons. Here, the App icons are also inspiring with some changes. We can also notice some minimal changes in the control center. Here, from the Lockscreen, you can also easily take control of the multimedia.

HyperUI v3 Theme for HyperOS

theme for hyperos

Finally, we have the HyperUI v3 Theme for HyperOS. It’s a different theme from our list. Still, it’s also a popular face/style of Lockscreen available in the Lockscreen editor of HyperOS Phones. I love this lock screen style in the HyperOS Phone. So, it’s likely for you, too.

At first, the Lock screen of this theme is impressive with the pre-customized clock widget. Also, the screen background is deep dark, which looks fantastic. Likewise, the App icons are also different and look dynamic. Besides these, we can also notice some changes in the control center and SystemUI with this theme.


HyperOS features a lot of customization options for their users. You have yet to see some fantastic features if you are not a HyperOS user. In this article, we have included some of the best HyperOS Themes for your Xiaomi Phones. Whether you are an MIUI or HyperOS User, we have provided some of the Best Themes for the HyperOS Experience here. But it’s already available in default for HyperOS. So, the MIUI Users should try these HyperOS Themes.

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