5 Best Fingerprint Themes for MIUI & HyperOS

Best Fingerprint Themes for MIUI & HyperOS

Fingerprint Themes are the best way to give the Optical Fingerprint Aniamion experience in our Xiaomi Phones. We know most Xiaomi phones don’t support the optical under-display fingerprint. The latest Redmi Note 13 Pro/+ series features the Optical under Display Fingerprint. So, if you want to explore Fingerprint Animation in your Xiaomi Phones, here are the Best Fingerprint Themes for HyperOS & MIUI.

Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock is the best way to add the In-Display Fingerprint Animation in Xiaomi Phones. We can find a lot of MI Phone Themes Fingerprint Locks to apply in our MIUI & HyperOS. Also, these themes work fine and add the beautiful, fantastic fingerprint animation in MIUI.

So, with all this, we have prepared a list of some of the best Android MI Fingerprint Lock themes for MIUI devices. Whether you are using MIUI or HyperOS, you can try these Fingerprint Themes for Fingerprint Animation. But remember that it’s just a fingerprint animation, not the Actual Sensor.

5 Best Fingerprint Themes for HyperOS & MIUI

Android MI Theme Fingerprint Lock has a lot of pre-customized features. Besides, you can also enjoy features that make it impressive here. The main feature of this theme is its Fingerprint Animation on the Lock screen. All these themes feature beautiful Lockscreen Animation with the core features of Fingerprint Animation & Charging Animation.

Ronix Android MI Fingerprint Lock with Cool Charging Animation

android mi themes fingerprint lock

At first, we have included the Ronix Fingerprint Theme. Ronix is the most searched Fingerprint Animation Theme for Xiaomi after Realx Legacy. It’s a beautiful and compatible theme for HyperOS, too. Here, we can find a beautiful Lockscreen with a nifty charging Animation.

Also, it features a beautiful Lockscreen style, which looks quite impressive but could be better than the New HyperOS Lockscreen. It also features gorgeous OxygenOS-inspired app icons, which are quite refreshing for Xiaomi MIUI users. Anyway, here you can also see some changes over the Control centre and other System UI.

RealX Legacy Android MI Theme Fingerprint Lock with Charging Animation

realx legacy

The Realx Legacy Theme for MIUI & HyperOS is second on our list. A few months back, it used to be the most searched Fingerprint Theme for MIUI and HyperOS. Anyway, here it features a beautiful Lockscreen with Minimal custom effects on the Lockscreen.

Also, we can find the changes over the Clock widget on this theme. It features the beautiful Fingerprint Animation, which is used to swipe up the phone and unlock it. Also, the Charging Animation is quite impressive in this theme. 

Besides, the App icons look more natural and impressive than the Ronix Theme. Again, you can notice the minimal colour effects over the Control centre and other system features.

OriginFTW Fingerprint Theme for Xiaomi MIUI with Charging Animation

originftw fingerperint theme download

Like other Best Fingerprint Themes for MIUI & HyperOS, it follows similar core features (i.e. Fingerprint Animation and Charging Animation). Besides these, we can find several changes in this theme. This theme is quite different and follows the Material_UI Design based on the Minimal Theme experience.

Anyway, the Lock screen of this theme looks refreshing. Here, you can find the beautiful Charging Animation, which blinks while charging. The Fingerprint Animation of this theme also works fine. Like on another theme, you can also use this fingerprint Animation to swipe off the phone to unlock it.

Moreover, the App icons of this theme are impressive. The app icons look refreshing and feature the attractive Minimal App icons. While here, you can also add the number of apps and theme widgets to customize the Home screen easily.

Realme Legacy Fingerprint Theme with Charging Animation

realme legacy

Realme Legacy is another of the best fingerprint animation themes for Xiaomi phones. Here, we can find the most beautiful Lockcsreen with a Minimal outlook. We can see the fantastic and unique fingerprint animation used to unlock the phones. You can press and hold on the fingerprint animation for a moment, which helps swipe up your screen and then open it.

Also, it features a beautiful charging animation. The charging animation on this theme works fine and looks impressive, too. For more, the app icons are inspired by the realmeUI of Realme Phones. 

Besides these, there are some notable changes over the Control Center Home screen with the app widgets and many more.

New Oxy Era Fingerprint Theme with Charging Animation

android mi themes fingerprint lock

New Oxy Era is the last recommendation from the Era of Best Fingerprint Themes for Xiaomi Phones. It’s a pretty impressive Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for me. Here, we can find the beautiful Lockscreen featuring the Charging Animation and the In-Display fingerprint animation.

You can use this fingerprint animation to unlock the phone by holding it quickly. If you are using the In-Display Fingerprint Supportive Xiaomi phones, it would be best to give the refreshing changes on the fingerprint.

Anyway, it’s based on the OxygenOS of Oneplus. Here, the app icons are also based on the Oneplus App icons, which look impressive, too. 


Fingerprint Animation on the Lockscreen of any phone gives a decent User experience. For the Xiaomi phones, we have prepared these Best Fingerprint Themes to make it an easy choice for our Xiaomi fans to pick up the best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock. We have mentioned the best themes for you based on the usage and its issues.

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